My Massage Practice Vision



My practice is targeted to YOUR well being

Many times we find that we are harboring areas of stress, tension and pain in parts of our body that we are not even aware of, until we are touched…

This happens because throughout our day, we are not moving about unrestricted and naturally.  We sit at a computer desk, we talk on the phone, we create, we perform repetitive motions,  we assume unnatural posture at rest or when exercising –  and we are not even aware of it.  This goes on for days – until our bodies send us a clear signal that something needs to change  – such as the emergence of significant neck pain, low back pain, headache,   insomnia, high blood pressure, and so on.  We become unbalanced,  and we find that we are not dealing with the forces of gravity gracefully.


The purpose of my work is to help you find your center, relieve your acute or chronic pain, and to allow you to fully integrate your body and mind.  To live in the moment – that’s all we really have!