The Van Story

So everyone asks… “Why?”

To achieve the goal of flexibility and mobility in my life, and to facilitate my massage practice directed toward the artist community, I travel in a self-contained Sprinter van, customized by Sportsmobile of Austin .  I have been quite inspired by others who have had similar dreams, such as fiber artist  Laurie Gibb   – and so, in 2010, the dream was achieved!  I now have the freedom to be a land-based traveler and small business owner.

Traveling in the van allows me a place to sleep, make coffee and meals, take a shower, work on the computer, and store my massage equipment and sheets, towels, and supplies.  I also had 36 inch high counter tops installed so I could cut fabric and sew while on the road, and work on art projects during downtime or relaxing time.

In this fashion, I am quite low-maintenance when working at a fiber artist workshop or other venue.  Call me to see if on-site massage therapy would be an added value for your event!