Bringing Massage to Artists and Creatives

Benefits of Bodywork for the Artist

If you are creative, whether full time or as a sideline passion, you know what type of energy this takes, and you tend to focus this energy on your work and outwardly to others.  You probably put taking care of your body mind connection LAST on your daily “to do” list.

A primary goal of my practice is to make massage accessible to artists and creative folks.  I know from my own experience at intensive fiber workshops, that if you feel good and your body is not screaming with stress or pain, you can better direct that energy back into your work, and get more “in the flow’.

If you work alone in your studio, or with others nearby, I can come to you.  I can bring table massage and chair massage to your location, and also the shiatsu mat, for floor work and stretching.

Examples of  Mind/Body Stress experienced during a Fiber/Quilting Workshop:

  • Your neck is tired from longer than usual hours hunched over your sewing machine
  • You have been climbing up and down a ladder all day, pinning and unpinning your work in progress
  • You have increasing low back pain and muscle strain from cutting or composing on a table that is not at your normal preferred work height
  • By the the third day of a rigorous workshop schedule, you are so stressed that you are not sleeping well, which makes the next day(s) even harder
  • Your hands and arms are sore from repetitive motion (cutting, pinning, piecing; rinsing fabric from dye buckets, etc.)
  • Your feet hurt from standing more than you normally do in your own studio workspace
  • You are frustrated with yourself because you are not at your best, and this is affecting your artwork, and your vision for what you intended to get out of the workshop


  • you are actually really “in the zone” being away from home, and you want to treat yourself to some luxury and some “take care of you” time!


Chair Massage: One or more brief massages per day to keep you loosened up and free from pain – on a break, at lunch or before/after class

Table Massage or Shiatsu: 60, 90 or 120 minutes to fully relax or to work on a specific muscle areas of tension.  You can opt for clothed or draped massage, and onsite at the workshop (before or after class), OR you may choose to have your massage in the quiet of your hotel room at the end of the day.

Spa Services:  Opt for a smoothing facial massage, get a salt scrub for your back or body, or receive a Reflexology hand or foot treatment  (customized to meet your needs).